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Fire Alarm Inspection and Servicing

Fire safety legislation applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building and structure.

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has placed the emphasis for protection against the risks associated with fire firmly on either the employer (in respect of a workplace) or the owner. The term used is 'responsible person'.

The responsible person is normally the employer, where this is not the case then it is normally the person who has the control and authority to make decisions regarding the property. 

Fire detection and alarm systems shall be maintained, the recommendations of BS5839 are the means to achieve this. All systems should be maintained as a minimum of every six months, or more frequently in high-risk buildings. Insurance may be void if maintenance is not carried out or an agreement is in place.

At Invista, we take care of your fire alarm system and provide you with all the necessary documentation and training to ensure your system is kept compliant in accordance with BS5839.

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